MAT HELLAS is committed to the design, development and production of high performance ventilation ducting products for underground mining and tunnelling.

Coupling System

All the systems secure the coupling and provide complete airtight sealing.

Suspension System

MatHellas flexible ducting is delivered with double locking suspension hooks made from hot-galvanized steel. The distance between them will be 50cm.The hooks are fixed to the ducting by fabric reinforcements fully welded along the whole venti-duct and they are clipped on a suspension messenger steel wire in the mine ceiling.


◊ Advantages of MatHellas Ventilation Ducting

MAT HELLAS experience in Tunnelling and Mining, combined with our continuous research in underground ventilation, offers venti-ducts with excellent tear and tensile strengths, high pressure capacity, and reduced pressure loss. Also they are certified as being flame resistant, durable, easy to use and capable of allowing for long operating distances from the fan to the face.

Finally, we have managed to minimize the cost of construction so that the final prices of our products, in combination with the high quality of the construction are the most competitive you will find.

To sum up, the advantages of MatHellas venti-ducts are:

  • Quality of construction
  • Adaptability
  • High strength
  • Low Weight
  • Competitive Pricing

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